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"My first portrait ornament request came in 2012, by someone who was referred to me by a mutual friend. She had seen this done somewhere online and inquired if I do them or could do one for her. I never had, but was determined to research and figure out the best way to go about it. I had seen them done on round ball ornaments and thought that seemed way too difficult with the distortion of wrapping the image around a ball, instead finding an elliptical-shaped round ornament that I thought would be much easier, and it was. I came up with a process of spraying the clear acrylic ornament with ivory-colored spray paint as a base. I then draw the portraits (smaller than 4", as that is the diameter) and paint them with acrylic paint. I personalize the back of the ornament with dates, names, etc to the person's preference and finish them with a clear protective coating and ribbon to hang on the tree. Since I started in 2012, I've never had to advertise this part of my business, as I get requests from word of mouth and people seeing them on my social media. They have been my bread and butter during the holiday season, doing anywhere from 4-8 in a season. They take time, so I can't do them in mass, but I'm usually always able to accommodate requests if given enough time. They make outstanding gifts, treasured by those who receive them."

"My MapSO Holiday Ornament Collection came after a conversation at our local pool with friend and founder of the SOMa Film Festival, Matt Smollon, about our recent sales at a local holiday pop-up shop. He was selling cool shirts and I had my art, some original, mostly prints, and handpainted ornaments. I told him the ornaments were all sold and he said why don't you make a reproduction of landmarks/sites in our area and sell them in mass locally. I thought it sounded like a great possibility and that's where it all started. Matt was my partner in the marketing and retail side and investing in the product, while I made the original artwork to be reproduced and sourced the printing company we would use. It was a very fun project and lead to getting to know more of our community and local business owners along the way."

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