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"You will see a range of ideas in my work, but it mostly starts with a compelling photograph I've taken from our travels in Morocco, where my husband is from, and at other times, everyday life.. moments I want to heighten making them stay with you in a very tangible way. The paintings are made to illuminate the subject with its colors, textures, and contrast to give it another life.

My illustrative work crosses into a more stylized genre, creating characters and stories more from my imagination, but based on my own experiences and interests. That is where my Ruby character came to be, from my own story, but told using this character I developed long ago in grad school (see Ruby Project). My goal is to one day tell her story in a graphic novel with me illustrating and my best friend, Elma Rahman, writing the story. It's an ambitious project that will take a lot of time, so I'm still working on finding that time (to the chagrin of my writer, Elma)."

See an original that has already sold. You can buy a print from Fine Art America! Their printing services are extraordinary, printing on paper, canvas, wood, acrylic, tapestries, pillows, bags, etc. with beautiful framing capabilities.


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